Taking The Risk

You guys, I finally started my blog! Its been six years in the making. Why six years you may ask? Honestly, figuring out what to call my blog was the ONLY reason I waited so long to take the jump.

Ok, that’s not the only reason. I also deeply feared nobody would actually read this blog. Even though that may happen, I was finally fed up with my own excuses from living my best life. What’s the point in playing it safe with our passions? If we don’t take risks we will stay exactly where we are, wondering what could have been.

A Quick Introduction About Myself:

I’m a Texas native, born and raised, but I am currently living in Colorado. I will get into detail about why we left Texas in another post. Life has been one heck of a rollercoaster this past year!

Not allowing my insecurities to hold me back anymore is a big personal project I’ve been working on this year.

I’m back in college for myself. I know everyone always says they want a degree to earn more money. Sure, that could be something that happens. However, I honestly felt I needed to invest in myself more to be where I want to be.

What Should You Expect To See On This Blog?

I will more than likely talk about how much I love food. I may even post some recipes if I can remember to write down what ingredients I use. I hope this blog supplies you with helpful tips, recipes, and much more.

Ultimately, I want to welcome you to my hub where I will keep you fueled with my quirkiness. Like the sound of that? Great, you should follow along in my journey!

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