What To Do When You’re Stuck In a Funk

Occasionally I will find myself in a state of mind I cannot express with words. I have zero inspiration and I feel very much scattered-brained. The weird part about this is it normally occurs immediately after I’ve accomplished a goal. Wait, what?! This should be a moment of celebration, right? Well of course it is, but once the positive vibes pass, this is when the exhaustion creeps in. I know at this point (for the sake of my own sanity) I must allow myself to rest. Yet, it dampens my spirit knowing that a period of recovery is necessary.

Fresh air is good for the soul.

Let’s get out of the funk!

Commit to a new goal or intention. I know I previously mentioned how accomplishing a goal can be mentally exhausting — but hear me out. Finding a new purpose to focus your energy on can be therapeutic. Focus on anything that feels important to you. One of my online classes was very challenging here recently and I felt mentally drained after I finished the course. I wasn’t sleeping worth a darn so I knew I needed to work on my nighttime routine. After about a week of changes, I noticed I was more refreshed each morning. Those three cups of coffee I was gulping down each morning turned into one cup of coffee. It’s always the little things that make a difference.

Connect with people. When feeling low, one of the fastest ways to pick yourself up is to connect with specific people you know bring the energy out of you. This can be tough because often times we don’t want to burden others with our negative energy. Don’t shut out the world! Call or visit a friend who you can be yourself with. Who knows, you might get in a good laugh. 😊

Tidy up your home. Take some time to deep clean and organize. Sometimes a cluttered and disorganized space will pull you into a deeper funk.

Go outside. Any kind of movement, preferably in nature, will release those feel good endorphins and might also spark some inspiration. Better yet, if you have a pet, play with your furry friend. Before we adopted our cat, I would take the kids to a local shelter a few times a month for those days we felt a bit anxious.

Get off social media. This is probably the #1 thing I do when I feel the blah’s coming on. As a new blogger this is tough since social media plays a big part in how I reach out to others. But, sometimes unplugging (even if it’s just for one day) is the best option for one’s mental health. Give yourself a break and focus on yourself instead of others.

Wait patiently.Β Nothing lasts forever, and we often find inspiration at the oddest times. Turn on some of your favorite music or just find something to read that interests you. Be mindful and focus on the present.

Did I leave something out? Let me know below in the comments some ways you have successfully gotten out of a funk. I’m always looking for new methods. Thanks for reading!

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